target customers not traffic

Getting traffic to your site is great, but if visitors don’t buy from you at some stage they are not your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation is about getting sales from your website.

Search engines ‘read’ the content of your site; they love structure and order and value fresh and original content – just like your customers will.

To get sales, you need to appear at the top, or as near the top of search engines as you can – for the right keywords.


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what we do

Keyword Research
We research keywords appropriate for your business.
Page Tests
We check your site speed, broken links and for duplicate content.
Unique Articles
High quality articles written then linked to your site
Competition Analysis
Keywords checked against your top 20 competitors
Tools Setup
Google analytics & Search console configured
Articles Submitted
Articles submitted to related blogs and industry based websites.
Backlink Analysis
Existing links to your site analysed and disavowed if necessary
Local Citations
Local business citations created to boost local search.
Links Published
Existing links are checked for relevancy and power.
On-page Optimization
Website content optimised and documented for client.
Social Signals
Social media audience increased
Campaign Analysis
Live reports available from your SEO dashboard

Find the perfect keywords for your business

Find the 100 most relevant keywords in your sector, providing volume per month, an analysis of where you rank for each one and cost per click.

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