Coastline Fish & Chips – a business website run on Wordpress.

Coastline is a great fish and chip shop on the coast of Blyth in the north east of England. Blyth’s coast has recently been redeveloped and it is looking great – the beaches are clean, the promenade is new, and there is always people windsurfing and jet skiing out at sea – so Coastline  adds to a nice day out at the beach with some quality fish and chips!

Because of this, we were very happy to build their website, and spent a sunny day taking photographs to use and get creative with the theme. We also did some custom coding as we feel this site could really develop into a community hub, and can benefit from adding local events and weather along with the expected content.

We really believe more small businesses should know about wordpress:

The great thing about using Wordpress to get companies on the web, is that many of the usual five page static websites can’t be updated without more work from the web design company, costing extra money - some even charge a monthly fee.

Using a content management system (CMS) you log into for security, it’s not only easy to update the site, but it’s easy to link with social media such as Facebook and Twitter - these are great ways to connect a business website to its customers.

With Wordpress, it is easy for a small business to update themselves without wading into HTML. Adding a post to Wordpress is no harder than writing an email:

Coastline can update customers with business news, local events and any changes required to the menu are easily done.

Wordpress has also has many “plug in” features that can add even greater functionality to your site:

We custom coded a widget that displays the local weather over Blyth, getting the data dynamically updated from Yahoo Weather. Customers can check the weather and the menu on the website before driving to the coast for fish and chips!

Finally Wordpress is great for SEO, the way it is structured means your site is friendly to Google and other search engines. WP sites are indexed faster than many other sites and will start bringing you traffic to your business in no time at all:

We also linked Coastline's website with Google maps so people searching for fish and chips in the area will be directed to the website, and people on the website can find out how to get there. Fantastic!

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