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Cambridge Research Biochemicals Ltd (CRB) is a prominent producer of custom-made peptide and antibody tools, catering to researchers in the pharmaceutical, life science, and academic sectors globally. CRB sought to consolidate three existing websites into one WordPress/WooCommerce site to streamline operations, enhance SEO, and improve user experience.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Emily Humphrys: Managing Director (now former owner)
  • Ling-I Su: Technical Sales Manager

Initial Goals and Objectives:

  • Integrate three websites into one to improve SEO.
  • Reduce administrative complexity and costs.
  • Increase sales through a unified platform.
  • Enhance marketing and communication tools.


Main Challenge: Integrating three distinct websites into a cohesive, user-friendly platform while maintaining functionality.

Specific Issues:

  • Time-consuming and costly management of multiple websites.
  • Inefficient maintenance of separate blogs and product listings.
  • Poor user experience with Magento for administrators.

Operational and Financial Manifestations:

  • Increased time and resources required for website management.
  • Higher costs for maintaining separate websites.
  • Inefficient sales and analytics reporting.


Develop a new WordPress/WooCommerce website to integrate the three existing sites, enhancing usability and management efficiency.

Implementation Steps:

  • Design: Retain existing design elements for consistency; ensure responsive design for all devices.
  • Development: Transfer all pages, product details, images, and prices; implement WordPress/WooCommerce for content management and e-commerce functionalities.
  • Integration: Consolidate hosting with Kinsta for improved performance and security; implement Google Analytics and reporting tools; add anti-spam, SSL certification, and other security measures.

Challenges During Implementation:

  • Ensuring seamless data transfer without loss.
  • Maintaining site performance and user experience during the transition.
  • Coordinating between CRB staff, Baltic Design team, and hosting provider.



  • Successfully consolidated three websites into a single, efficient platform.
  • Enhanced SEO efforts leading to improved visibility.
  • Reduced administrative and maintenance costs.
  • Improved user experience and streamlined purchase process.
  • Increased search visibility and sales by nearly 180% within two years.

Effectiveness: The solution effectively addressed initial problems, leading to improved operational efficiency and better user engagement.

Short-term and Long-term Results:

  • Short-term: Immediate reduction in complexity and costs, better user engagement.
  • Long-term: Sustained increase in sales, improved market positioning, and enhanced credibility.

Key Learnings:

  • Importance of a cohesive, user-friendly platform for operational efficiency.
  • Benefits of integrating multiple sites to improve SEO and reduce costs.
  • Need for ongoing content strategy and site monitoring for sustained success.

Follow-up Actions:

  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure site performance.
  • Regular updates and content strategy adjustments to keep the website relevant and engaging.
We have been working with Dan from Baltic Design for over a year now. He is extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to requests. He rebuilt our WordPress (back-end) website and amalgamated 2 catalogue sites (Magento) to woo-commerce to integrate with our WordPress (main) site. Now its a case of monthly maintenance to keep our website up and running, user friendly and allowing us to be self-sufficient with adding new content and product pages.
Emily Humphrys
MD / Owner -


Cambridge Research Biochemicals Ltd (CRB) successfully transformed their digital presence by integrating three separate websites into a single, unified WordPress/WooCommerce platform. The project, executed by Baltic Design, not only improved CRB's operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced their market visibility and sales performance. By addressing the complexities of managing multiple sites and leveraging the capabilities of WordPress/WooCommerce, CRB streamlined their web operations, reduced costs, and provided a superior user experience for their clients and partners. Emily Humphrys praised Baltic Design for their expertise and responsiveness, highlighting the improved self-sufficiency for CRB staff in managing the new platform. This case study demonstrates significant business growth and operational efficiency achieved through strategic website integration, providing valuable insights for similar projects in the future.

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