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LMB Residential, led by Lewis Boakes, operates in the competitive field of chartered surveyors. As a new business without a prior website, LMB Residential struggled with online visibility and lead generation. Recognizing the need for a strong online presence, they aimed to establish their digital footprint and improve local search rankings to attract potential clients effectively.


The primary challenge LMB Residential faced was the lack of an optimized online presence. Their outdated website was not tailored for local SEO, resulting in poor search engine rankings for key terms such as "Chartered Surveyors" and "RICS Residential." This inadequacy significantly impacted their ability to attract local clients, leading to fewer inquiries and a stagnant client base. Despite efforts to improve their online visibility through basic SEO and social media, these strategies were insufficient to generate the desired results.


To address these challenges, LMB Residential partnered with a web design and SEO agency to develop a new, one-page website optimized for local search. The solution involved comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant local terms, followed by the design and development of a modern, responsive website. The site was enriched with SEO-friendly content focused on local services, ensuring high relevance to search queries. Meta tags, headers, and images were optimized to improve search engine rankings. The implementation also included ensuring the website was mobile-friendly and had fast load times to enhance user experience.


The new SEO optimized website significantly improved LMB Residential's online visibility and lead generation. Within a year, the website brought in an average of 10 leads per month, translating to a steady stream of potential clients. In local search results, LMB Residential achieved a high ranking, frequently appearing as the number two result for searches like "Chartered Surveyors" and "RICS Residential" on Google Maps. This improved visibility not only increased traffic to their website but also enhanced their brand recognition and credibility in the local market. The success of the project underscored the importance of local SEO and a user-friendly website in driving business growth.

"Dan made and published a website for me in a timely manner and also was happy to help with the few changes I requested. I would be happy to use him again and would recommend his services to others."
Lewis Boakes
Owner/MD - LMB Residential - Lewis Boakes


The development of a locally optimized, one-page website for LMB Residential demonstrates the significant impact of effective SEO and modern web design on business performance. By addressing the specific challenges of online visibility and lead generation, LMB Residential was able to achieve substantial improvements in their search engine rankings and client inquiries. The project highlights the critical role of continuous optimization and user-focused design in maintaining a competitive edge in the digital landscape. Moving forward, LMB Residential plans to keep refining their SEO strategies and updating their website content to sustain their success and adapt to evolving market trends.

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